These 5 Girl Groups Perform Amazing Covers Of Their Brother Groups

These 5 girl groups show off their skills when they perform their take on their brother groups’ songs.

Sometimes it seems like company interactions are being forced but these covers show pure admiration. It’s obvious that the girls spend a lot of time listening to their brothers and watching their performances.

From TWICE‘s professional covers to Lovelyz‘s cute covers you can see how much the music in a company is universally appreciated.

These girl groups are all extremely talented and watching their spin on their brother groups’ songs is a real treat.

1. CLC and BEAST. 

Cube entertainment is lucky to have vocal groups like CLC and Beast. CLC shows off a plethora of instrumental and vocal talents in these covers of BEAST’s “The Rainy Day” and “It’s Raining.”

2. Lovelyz and INFINITE

Lovelyz incorporates INFINITE into their appearance on Weekly Idol, covering their song “Comeback Again.” Each member showed off their own individual charm with the dance. Even in an amusement park, the girls think of their brother group’s song, harmonizing as they walked around.

3.Oh My Girl and B1A4

B1A4 and Oh My Girl are known to be very close. Jinyoung often writes songs for Oh My Girl and Sandeul is notoriously close to them, even going on Girl Spirit with Seunghee. Oh My Girl happily takes the chance to promote their labelmate’s music by singing their songs.

4.SNSD and Super Junior

SNSD covering Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” is a cute throwback. Their vocals are no joke in this live version.

5.TWICE and GOT7

TWICE really makes any GOT7 song sound like it was made just for them. Their covers of “Just Right” and “Confession Song”  surely do GOT7 justice showcasing the true charisma of the songs.

We hope to see even more covers from these groups as well as other brother/sister groups!