3 Things Men In Korea Don’t Tell You, Explained By An American Living In Korea

They just want to look good for you.

YouTuber Simply SSOL is a Korean American vlogger who lives in Korea and is married to a Korean man. Her insight as an Asian American living in Korea is always interesting, and because she’s usually having a snack while she shares her thoughts, it always feels a bit like you’re just catching up with a friend!

1. Height is important

When guys are asked their height they will add like two centimeters more.

It makes sense when you consider K-Pop idols, like the members of NCT U, have legs that seem to go on for days!

2. Getting their eyebrows tattooed

I noticed compared to the past, a lot of Korean men are getting their eyebrows tattooed.

3. They wear BB Cream

Source: Soko Glam

Someone told me a lot of men wear BB cream now.

Source: Townhouse Palette

With K-Pop idols really setting the standard, it stands to reason that some men might want to put a little more effort into their appearance, and that’s okay!

What do you think of these things SSOL shared? Were you surprised or did you already know about them?