If You Think About HyunA Through A Stereotype, You Will Be Shocked To Learn This Fact

For some reason, there’s a stereotype about HyunA’s fans that’s been around since her debut 10 years ago.

Many commonly believe that her showcases would be full of male fans.

Perhaps it’s due to her amazing sex appeal, heart racing choreographies, and just all around attractiveness!

On a recent broadcast of Casper Radio — Rooftop Midnight’s Rooftop Radio Hyuna revealed a shocking detail!

She stated that, in reality, most of her fans are women!

“For 10 years, it’s always been said that most of my fans are men.

But those who’ve been with me from day one are mostly women.”

— HyunA

One of the hosts agreed and revealed what she witnessed at Hyuna’s recent fan meeting.

“I was really surprised when I visited HyunA at a fan meeting. Everyone, except two, were women.

It was obvious how her fans really love her like a daughter. It was just clear that she was so loved.”

— Kim Yoon Joo

The radio hosts read a letter to HyunA that was submitted in by a fan.


“Our little sister HyunA…

Please don’t ask her to be sexy. Sexy is just hardwired in her.

If she asks you what your sign is, just tell her. It just means she’s interested in you.

If you go to a restaurant, please order an extra dish for her. She really likes to eat.”

— HyunA’s Fan Letter

It’s clear that HyunA’s loved by both her many fans, whether they be male or female!

Source: Insight