This 18-Year-Old Korean Girl Is The Real-Life “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

This 18-year-old female wrestler just beat out South Korea’s reigning champion in the women’s wrestling quarterfinals.

Kim Moo Young found herself pitted against Korea’s national representative, and current reigning women’s wrestling champion, Jo Hyeon Ju in the recent women’s wrestling under 80kg division quarterfinals.

The young aspiring wrestler eked out a surprising victory against Korea’s women’s wrestling champion in just two rounds!

Jo Hyeon Ju was known as the strongest female wrestler in Korea before this match, so it definitely came as a surprise to the audience when Kim Moo Young beat her in just 2 rounds.

Reigning women’s champion Jo Hyeon Ju.

Being able to defeat a national representative at such a young age is an impressive feat and definitely shows how much potential Kim Moo Young has.

Kim continued her impressive run to the finals, where she lost where she narrowly lost 2-1.

It seems like there may be a bright future ahead for Kim Moo Young!

Source: Dispatch