This Camera-Themed Cafe In Korea Is The Most Surreal Thing You’ll See All Day

This adorable camera-inspired cafe has the most adorable decor!Built and opened by a family in Yangpyeong, this quaint establishment goes by the name of Dreaming Camera. As the father has a passion for cameras, it is only fitting that the cafe take such a theme. Not only is the outside an impressive model of a Rolleiflex camera, the inside features various sets of vintage cameras.

Tourists can enjoy the relaxing, natural scenery while taking a break with tea and churros inside Dreaming Camera.

Check out some images here:

dreaming coffee 1
The cafe is so impressive just from the outside!

dreaming coffee 2
The family poses with the cafe and their home

dreaming coffee 3
Dreaming Camera as captured between pink cherry blossoms.

dreaming coffee 5
What a beautiful scene..

dreaming coffee 6
The inside is camera-themed too!

dreaming coffee 7
Dreaming Camera sure is cozy~

dreaming coffee 8
The cafe boasts quite a collection

The daughter poses by the windowsill

dremaing coffee 4
The cafe stands out against its natural landscape.

dreaming coffee juice churro
Dreaming Camera specializes in tea and small snacks like churros!

Source: Naver Blog