This Dangerous Dance Moves Proves How Much BTS Trusts Each Other

BTS strong bond with each other is beyond real when it comes to carrying out dance moves that require nothing but their trust in each other.

BTS always amazes us with their difficult choreography. As easy and as cool as they make it look, some of their moves can be dangerous, particularly their martial art moves.

Whether it’s Jimin flying over J-Hope, or Jungkook and V holding up Suga, there’s always a possible danger in their performances.

Martial arts dance performances can become a real danger to performers when they don’t trust each other or get nervous. The slightest hesitation can cause a disaster.

Check out some of the moments BTS had to trust each other!
Jimin flipping over J-Hope
Sorce: reddit
Jimin trusts Jungkook to support him
Source: pann.nate
Team Work makes the Dream Work
Source: naver

The members of BTS have to stay calm and stand firm in their movements in order to carry out the difficult tasks of flips, lifts, and kicks. Their assurance in each other strengthens their bond as a group and results in jaw-dropping performances.

BTS= Born To Slay