This Fan Asked Taeyeon A Simple Question And Her Response Was Not What They Expected

Taeyeon is melting the hearts of fans again with her sweet reaction to this simple question.

In honor of Taeyeon’s 28th birthday, fans resurfaced an adorable clip of a charity event that Taeyeon had participated in back in December. During this event, Taeyeon decorated Christmas cookies for SM Entertainment‘s SUM café, with all proceeds going to a children’s cancer center.

Taeyeon participated in her agency’s Christmas event.

In the video clip, Taeyeon is shown focusing on decorating her cookie when a female fan suddenly asks, “Are you happy?

Taken aback by the unexpected question, Taeyeon breaks out into laughter, crouching down to the floor and disappearing from the camera’s view. As the camera refocuses on her, she looks for the fan and says, “Who asked that?“‘

After making eye contact with the fan, Taeyeon bursts into laughter again and then tries to regain her composure. She looks at the fan and answers, “I am ve~ry happy,” before continuing to decorate her cookie.

Check out the adorable interaction below!