This Is Taeyeon’s Favorite Phrase, And She Cannot Stop Saying It

Taeyeon is among some of the most talented K-Pop idols and is loved by many for her quirky, yet entertaining personality.

Fans created a video of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon being absolutely adorable! In the video compilation, Taeyeon uses the phrase “Omo.” In the Korean language, “Omo,” (오모) is used as an expression of surprise. It is also synonymous with a gasp or the phrase “Oh my!”

In the first segment of the video, Taeyeon showed off her expert cooking skills. She delicately separated the egg yolks and finished strong with beautifully made pastries!

Taeyeon has the dorkiest personality and loves to play around. In the second segment of the video, she is seen playing with various camera filters. Check out her adorable antics below!