This Is The Wierdest (And Most Hilarious) K-Pop Cover Video You’ll Ever See

You’ve probably seen this Korean pharmacist pop up many times on social media.

If you go on social media often, you may have already seen some of the videos from this man. Pharmacist by day and comedian by night, this man records hilarious compilations of himself singing covers of hit K-Pop as well as other Asian pop songs.

His supercut is currently going viral in both Korea and Japan. If you enjoy his videos, you can catch more of them on his YouTube channel, “Taegyung, take your meds” (퇴경아 약먹자).

Some of his viewers find it hilarious at the fact that he is a pharmacist. Here are some comments that explain why:

Viewers comment on his ironic channel name
Viewers comment on his ironic channel name

Source: Boing Boing