This Korean artist’s “human skin” creations might make you extremely uncomfortable

A Korean artist is gaining attention for his intricate sculptures designed to look like real human skin.

Choi Xooang is a South Korean artist known for his sculptures of human bodies. His interest for sculpting began when he entered a high school specifically for art.

Choi held his first exhibition in 2002 and has worked as an artist for over ten years. Each of his sculptures usually takes around two to five months to complete.

Choi Xooang created “The Between” in 2007.

Choi’s distorted and haunting sculptures have caught the eyes of many allowing him to stand out among other South Korean artists. While many have compared his sculptures to horror films, Choi claims his sculptures are for a different reason.

“Condition for Ordinary Settlement” is a piece depicting ordinary people and the society they live in.

Different from other artists, Choi combines body parts to create sculptures that show his concern for the human condition in society.

“My sculpture might be seen as hyperrealism in terms of technique, however, what I express through it, is not reality itself. I distort or exaggerate reality in order to express a certain phenomenon or status.”

— Choi Xooang

One of Choi’s best-known works, “The Wings.”

The work, he states, is designed to place viewers in an uncomfortable situation.

“If one feels uncomfortable physically or mentally when viewing my work, I would say it worked.”
– Choi Xooang

Two women can be seen hugging each other in “Dreamers Forest”.

Choi’s artwork depicts human emotions as if we have frozen in time. These sculptures reveal the reality of ordinary people and manage to draw out their behavior and feelings.

“The One” depicts a couple in modern society.
“Condition for Ordinary Colonization” shows the detailed works of Choi.

By modifying different parts of a human body and rearranging them, Choi creates disturbing, yet important art that explores human rights, discrimination, isolation, and much more.

“Reflection” depicts a woman looking at her reflection.
“The Entangled Couple” depicts the life of a couple.

Choi has already held countless of solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions including DOOSAN Residency 2017Islets of AspergersThe Vegetative State, and more.

“I was only borrowing the name ‘Asperger’ because it’s a word that has two meanings: of having problems with communication but also being very special.”

– Choi Xooang

Check out the rest of his pieces from the Islets of Asperger exhibition below!

“Islets of Aspergers – Type VI” is one of the many sculptures from Choi’s exhibition.
“Islets of Aspergers – Type IV” is a sculpture without a nose and mouth.
“Islets of Aspergers – Type IX,” an eyeless sculpture.

Source: CNN