This male celebrity’s number was the first one HyunA saved to on her phone

HyunA revealed the first male celebrity’s phone number she saved on her phone, and it’s the last person you’d expect.

HyunA recently guest-starred on O’live‘s Bizarre Restaurant (working title), a talk show where celebrity guests taste and cook foods from different countries, and share their stories of their travels.

The host Seo Jang Hoon first asked HyunA what made her want to star on Bizarre Restaurant, especially because she rarely makes any appearances on talk shows or variety programs. To this, she revealed that comedian Kim Yong Man, whom she refers to as “Uncle Yong Man”, convinced her to want to come on the show.

“I don’t really come out on variety programs, because I get nervous… But Uncle Yong Man made me want to…”

“My first variety program was with Uncle Yong Man, and the first male celebrity’s phone number I received was also Uncle Yong Man’s.”

— HyunA

Kim Yong Man further explained that he had grown close to all the members of 4Minute at the time, and that they would often message each other on a regular basis. He also thanked HyunA for her kind words, and also for making time to come on the show despite her busy schedule abroad.

Watch the segment here!

Source: My Daily