This Rookie Female Idol Might Be Might Be K-Pop’s Next Dance Queen

She is being called a rising prodigy after videos of her dancing at a fan meet instantly went viral. 

Many fans have recently been praising Yeoreum of Cosmic Girls for her extraordinary dance skills, with an endless amount of videos to prove it.

In this video, Yeoreum can be seen dancing to the R&B song “Say My Name” at a fan meet, impressing her fellow group members as well as her fans!


She was previously recognized after dancing to EXO’s “Monster” and Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry” where she absolutely killed the choreography.

Yeoreum’s moves are so sharp and powerful that fans are asking her to be placed in the group’s dancer line. She’s definitely proving herself as one of the best rookie dancers in the game!

She’s wowing fans everywhere with her dancing skills.

Check out more videos of this dance prodigy below!