This Sexy Taekwondo Girl Has All Of Korea Falling In Love

LABOUM’s Yulhee performed at the 2017 Anyang World Taekwondo Hanmadang and it left the audience in awe.

Everyone’s performance was stunning, but Yulhee stood out for her fierce attitude during the performance.

Yulhee blew everyone away with her sweet moves and on point choreography!

They started with awesome gold jackets!

But when the jackets came off…

… the crowd went wild!

It’s always a treat to see Yulhee crush a performance.

Watch Yulhee’s full performance below.

Watch the full Aerobic spot number here too!

Also, in case anyone forgot… Yulhee is always known for crushing a performance.

These photos are a serious wow factor.

Just LOOK at that hairography, who couldn’t be in love? Maybe she’ll do something Taekwondo style with this hair and look sometime!

Watch her crush “Hwi Hwi” in this gorgeous look below.