Three Former K-Pop Idols Reveal How Idols Secretly Date During Promotions

It’s more than just Inkigayo sandwiches.

Three former K-Pop idols have revealed how idols actually date in the idol world. Tina (former Blady member), Eddy (JJCC member), and Alex (former High4 member) lay it out in a YouTube video posted to Tina’s channel. It is important to note that while Eddy is still a member of JJCC, they have been inactive since 2017.

They first mention the famous Inkigayo sandwiches and how idols would swap numbers by leaving their numbers inside the sandwich. They claim that they have never heard of this method until the news first broke out and that they themselves have never received an Inkigayo sandwich.

Alex did say that he wishes he thought about doing this sooner, though.

I would have gotten mad numbers!

— Alex

They say one of the ways to give numbers is to actually slip the number inside an album and give it to another artist.

The most common way to exchange numbers is through mutual friends according to them. Tina says it’s the most natural way to do it.

Alex said that he wasn’t shy and would always just approach them and ask for their number, whether he was interested them romantically or just wanted to be friends with them. He didn’t care about the staff or managers watching, he would just approach them!

They also mention how some idols don’t have phones for the first year of debut. Some don’t even have it while trainees! Tina says that most people would buy a secret second phone and hide it away from their managers. Some people would also have iPads or Tablets.

Eddy mentioned that he used to sneak an iPod to his company at midnight and try to find the Wi-Fi password!

Tina also mentioned that some people actually use email as a way to date, but that it would be difficult because replies would be slow.

Another way to date is to meet at night when there isn’t a lot of people. She says if they were to watch a movie, she would watch the last showing.

Eddy also recommends dating outside of Seoul and to go to places that aren’t popular.

Alex recommends finding secret places and hide-outs for dates with your significant other. He recommends non-popular places and places that are quiet.

They also say that the more you cover (ex: wear sunglasses and masks), the more likely you are to get caught since you look suspicious. It tips people off. They say that even the top celebrities don’t wear disguises and just have their faces exposed.

When asked if they dated while they were idols, they all said yes. Alex says that when you’re in the music industry, it’s important to write music about your feelings. If you don’t date, you forget the feeling, so you forget what you’re singing about.

Tina and Eddy also say that a lot of producers ask them to think of scenarios with the one they like but since they weren’t allowed to date at first, they didn’t know how to express it properly.

To watch the whole video, check it out here!