Three Mind-Blowing K-Pop Mashups To Treat Your Ears

While our favorite idols have been hard at work this year creating amazing songs, these K-Pop fans have been hard at work creating some of the best mashups of 2016.

Several YouTube channels have become popular for making mashups of two or more K-Pop songs and it’s not hard to see why. The YouTubers responsible for these mashups have really outdone themselves and created mashups that deserve to be recognized in this list. If you like any of the top K-Pop groups right now, we guarantee this will be a treat for your ears.

JYP Entertainment‘s GOT7 and TWICE combine forces in this mashup of their songs “If You Do” and “TT” to create a song that might be even catchier than the originals. (if that’s possible!)

As if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, this next mashup caters to both BIGBANG‘s loyal VIPs as well as BLACKPINK‘s growing fanbase. Mixing “Good Boy” by G-Dragon and Taeyang with BLACKPINK’s newest song, “Playing with Fire”, shows that there is common ground between the two very different YG Entertainment groups.

Finally, this mashup of 3 songs: EXO‘s “Lotto”, BTS‘s “Blood Sweat & Tears”, and GOT7‘s “Hard Carry” has received over a million views and brings fans of all three groups together in the best way possible. It perfectly blends the different songs into one completely new sound!

You can listen to your favorite artists in a unique and exciting way, by watching (or even making) mashup videos of the hottest songs from 2016! Get ready, because 2017 will be a whole new adventure.