This Throwback Moment From TWICE’s J-Line Is The Absolute Cutest

“Misamo” are so kawaii together!

It’s no secret that TWICE‘s J-Line, colloquially referred to as “Misamo” (Mina, Sana, and Momo), have great chemistry together. In consideration of Mina’s recent efforts to return from hiatus after struggling with anxiety, we thought it would be a nice time to appreciate this throwback moment from an old live broadcast.

During the live stream, the three girls act playfully with one another, with Sana coquettishly asking, “Why touched my hips?”

In response, Mina replied, “It’s me.” And Sana confirmed, “It’s you, it’s you,” as she laughed.

Sana leaned in as she told the camera, “Mina does that secretly.” As she said this, Mina slyly leaned over to glance at Sana’s hip.

In response to Sana’s comment, Mina replied, “Isn’t it Momo [who does that secretly]?” But, Sana noticed Mina’s movement and declared, “Did you see that? She saw my hips.”

While all the members of TWICE seem to get along well and genuinely love and care for one another, there’s no denying the special bond the J-Line has!