Tiffany joins SNSD on stage for first time since SNS controversy

SNSD‘s Tiffany had her first public performance after being embroiled in a SNS controversy.

SM Entertainment held a company tour in August in Japan, where Tiffany made a ill-timed post on social media; she used a Snapchat filter that contained the Rising Sun Flag, a symbol of a painful period of Korea’s history where they were oppressed by Japan. The post was uploaded during Korea’s National Independence Day, causing a massive outrage.

Tiffany had posted 2 apology letters for the incident and SM Entertainment commented that she will be withdrawing from activities to reflect on this issue.

The Busan One Asia Festival had its opening performance on October 1, with SNSD on the roster of performers. Tiffany was spotted on Taeyeon‘s snapchat during what appeared to be a rehearsal. Fans that witnessed the post speculated she would be performing alongside her group.

As the concert broadcast started, Tiffany was indeed performing for the first time after her SNS controversy. This performance marked the end of Tiffany’s reflection period, which lasted about 1.5 months. The veteran idol was well prepared as she performed without any issues.

You can view the performances of “Lion Heart” and the mega hit “Gee” below.