Tiffany And Sooyoung Perform A Duet For The First Time Ever

Fans can now rejoice as there is now a live version of Girl’s Generation‘s song “Sailing 0805”!

Those who went to Sooyoung’s charity eventBeaming Effect, on January 13th were treated to a special performance between Tiffany and Sooyoung.  Tiffany, who was one of the performers at the event, invited Sooyoung on set for her final song. The two Girl’s Generation members came together to give a performance of their song “Sailing o805”.

This is very special for SONEs (Girl’s Generation fans) as the song was written and by Sooyoung and dedicated to SONEs for the girl’s 9th-year anniversary. Fans have been wanting a live performance of the song since its release, and now they have obtained it!

Though it’s not the full 8-member edition, the two girls do a great job at covering the other member’s parts, especially Sooyoung who demonstrated her amazing vocal ability!

Check out the wonderful duet performance!