That Time When BTS’s V Forgot How To Use A Microphone

Even professionals get mixed up sometimes.

This born singer was practically born with a microphone in his hand…

…but sometimes he just can’t get a grip on it.

Like all entertainers, BTS‘s V has experienced technological mishaps while performing, but one of the funniest ones in recent history didn’t happen on stage.

In July, BTS guested on the Japanese program CDTV Live to promote their new album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY. Here they performed “Your eyes tell” for the very first time.

When BTS greeted viewers, V somehow lost his mic in his lap, so he used an invisible mic instead.

Later on, he found his mic (phew!)…but accidentally spoke into the wrong end of it. Fans loved this endearing moment because it’s just so V. He doesn’t follow trends; he is the trend!

P.S. V isn’t the only member who has had a mic mix up. Who can forget the time when Jungkook tried to speak through a trophy?