The Time Hyun Bin Looked Unbelievably Hot Wearing Glasses For 20 Episodes Straight

In case you needed a recap.

Before Hyun Bin made waves with his role in Crash Landing On You, he had starred in the hit 2015 drama Hyde Jekyll, Me.

Hyde Jekyll, Me revolves around a man with split personalities—one who is cold like Hyde and another who is sweet like Jekyll.

One visual technique the drama used to distinguish between the two characters was through the use of clothing and accessories.

An accessory in particular had a tremendous effect on viewers…

Yes, glasses.

A lot of glasses.

And boy, did it look good on him.

He switched things up every now and then with different frame styles and colors. Like Russian roulette, viewers never knew what to expect.

Would it be black this time?

Or maybe beige?

Would it be rectangular?

Or perhaps round?

Whatever it was, it was a feast for the eyes. He somehow looked even more handsome and sophisticated when he wore them.

Admit it—glasses have never looked this good.

If you were looking for another drama to watch after Crash Landing On You, then Hyde Jekyll, Me may just be what you’re looking for.

Honestly, watching Hyun Bin wearing glasses for 20 episodes straight is enough reason for you to start it.