Top 5 Most Desirable Body Parts Of Female Idols According To Dispatch

In a recent article by Dispatch, it was revealed that these 5 female idols possess some of the most desired body parts in K-Pop. These 5 features are considered rare and beautiful in a woman, and these idols are envied by woman all across the country.


1. Kang Minkyung of DAVICHI with her 24 inch waist and 37 inch hip measurement have netizens calling her ‘God Minkyung’.



2. Krystal of f(x) earned her place on this list with her amazing abs. Krystal is known as the perfect example of what Koreans call the ’11 line’ abs.


3. Goo Hara of KARA is subject to much jealousy among female communities for her small waist or as Koreans call it the ‘ant waist’



4. Sohee of Wonder Girls possess knees that seem to have no wrinkles!



5. IU took her place among these girl group members with her flawless skin. IU is seen often on the streets with no make up and this is most likely due to the fact that her skin is literally flawless.



See what the Korean Netizens thought of this ranking!

[+ 9181, – 145] Knees really Mr.Reporter

[+ 5959, – 523] Whats with the knees ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think out of all the girls Kang Minkyung wins ㅋㅋ If you think about the difference between her waist and hips…girls with big hip bones are so sexy

[+ 4614, – 384] This is just my personal thought but when you talk about specific body parts idols may win but when it comes to the whole package no matter how hot a girl group member is they can’t compete with female actresses.


Source: Dispatch