Top Hidden Secrets Inside EXO’s Choreography You Never Knew About

EXO is the first idol group who came from another planet outside of Earth.

Each member of EXO possess supernatural abilities and they were using them for their performances!

D.O’s special ability “Earth” give him the ability to control gravity and is shown in “Monster”.

Notice how he pulls everyone in toward him controlling the movements of the other members.

And in “Overdose” he acts as the center of gravity supporting all the members in the middle.

Baekhyun is in control of “Light” and you can see how his appearance on stage at EXO’s concert lights up all the fans’ lightsticks.

Sehun controls “Wind” and he is the calm eye of the hurricane while all the members spin around him.

Xiumin freezes everyone with his “Frost” ability and Chanyeol is quick to melt them all again with his “Fire” ability with the help of some wind from Sehun.

Suho makes it rain on stage using his “Water” ability in unison with the lyrics “when you fall like rain”.

Lay in “Monster” hovers his fingers around Suho who is trapped to “Heal” him.

Have you ever noticed these secrets to the dance moves before?

Check out the full video here:

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