This Trailer For An iKON Anime Is So Good It Needs To Be Real

A fan created a trailer for an anime based on iKON and it’s at first so convincing that it seems real – until the twist.

Some iKON fans have decided to create an anime trailer parody starring the YG Entertainment boy group iKON as the main characters.

The video uses the opening song for the famous Neon Genisis Evangelion and uses lots of classic anime styles, including hilarious overlays, soft backgrounds, and close-ups of “characters”.

Even the title looks like an intense epic battle like something from Attack On Titan or Ghost In The Shell.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at the incredible parody, and though the creator did an amazing job making something almost believable – until it gets closer to the end!

Check out the full video with the hilarious ending sequence below!