Trot Goddess Seol Ha Yoon Opens up About Her 12 Difficult Years as a Trainee

She worked just about every part-time job imaginable.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, rising trot goddess, Seol Ha Yoon appeared as a guest where she talked about her fame following her trot superiors, Jang Yoon Jung and Hong Jin Young.

Seol Ha Yoon, who is currently very busy with her activities as a trot singer, was revealed to be especially popular in the military.

But despite her current success, Seol Ha Yoon opened up about her difficult time as a trainee, which lasted for 12 years.

I felt like I was just trying to grab at anything that was in reach.

– Seol Ha Yoon

She even confessed that due to her long years as a trainee, she worked all sorts of other jobs just to get by.

Just so I could make a living, I worked at pharmacies, PC rooms, restaurants, cafes, lingerie stores, and even modelled for shopping malls. While working all sorts of jobs, I even got an offer to be a manager at a lingerie store.

– Seol Ha Yoon

When Kim Goo Ra commented that she must’ve been good at anything she did, Seol Ha Yoon shared that she was especially good at working at the lingerie store.

When I sold lingerie, I even moved up to manager. I was so good at selling that they recommended I become manager.

– Seol Ha Yoon

She even went on to explain how she was so good at lingerie by sharing a little tip.

My secret to selling lingerie was to subtly get them to try it on and then shower them with compliments.

– Seol Ha Yoon

That might have been how Seol Ha Yoon spent her 12 years as a trainee, but she is now dominating Korea as a trot singer, and gaining popularity everywhere she goes.

Here’s hoping her career continues to bloom!

Source: Insight