It Turns Out BTS Is Also Popular In North Korea

North Koreans have a code word they use to refer to BTS.

A North Korean defector-turned radio jockey has admitted that despite the K-Pop ban in North Korea, BTS is super popular there.


According to BJ Han Song Yi, who appeared as a guest on Ji Seokjin‘s 2pm Date with Ji Seokjin radio show, North Koreans have to use a code word to talk about BTS, calling them “Bangtan Bag”.

“I know a broker unnie in China and she said BTS is really popular in North Korea. They call them “Bangtan Bag”. It’s like a code used to refer to BTS and talk about listening to their songs. I think an inspection team has been created because of the Hallyu wave. So people use codes to talk.” — Han Song Yi


When the broker asked if she knew anything about BTS’s latest album, Han Song Yi recommended “Fire” because it’s one of her favorite BTS songs.


Han Song Yi is a self-confessed K-Pop fan, previously confessing she “defected because of Winner and BIGBANG.”

“I like G-Dragon and Kang Daniel. I defected because of them.” — Han Song Yi

Source: Xsports News and Osen