TVXQ! Yunho Mobbed By Fans At Airport…Until He Shouts At Them In English

Life lesson from Yuho: when one language isn’t getting the message across, try another!

TVXQ!‘s Yunho is one of the biggest singers in K-Pop history and he’s used to screaming fans following him around wherever he goes, but even this veteran star has his limits!


In honor of TVXQ!’s long-awaited comeback, nostalgic fans have been revisiting past TVXQ! videos. In this 2012 fan-cam, TVXQ! is seen arriving at a Thai airport.

As soon as they got off the plane, an adoring (but obstructive) crowd crushed Yunho and Changmin from all sides.


Although he was clearly a little annoyed, Yunho tried to be patient…

…but the crowd wouldn’t let up.


Finally, in exasperation, Yunho shouted, “Excuse me!” in English…


And waved his hands, gesturing for the mob to clear a path.

…and they did!


Although the video is enough to brighten any TVXQ! fan’s day, the true reason behind the incident makes them love Yunho even more!


Watch the legendary “excuse me” moment here!

Source: YouTube