TWICE attempt to eat Korea’s #1 disgusting smelling food

TWICE recently tried deep-fried skate (a type of sting ray) on SBS’s food and cooking show, Paik Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors.

This was the members’ first time trying the dish, but they all seemed quite excited to try it out despite its strong and unpleasant smell.

Skate is described to have a smell similar to hair dye or ammonia, and gives a similar sensation to when one eats wasabi due to its smell.

Jihyo said she liked the texture and taste of the deep fried skate, but she found the smell to be overpowering for the first few bites.

Tzuyu also volunteered to try it, but immediately regretted it after taking just one bite.

She disliked it so much that she even grabbed Jihyo’s “Do not recommend” sign along with her own and flashed it for everyone to see.

Momo appeared to like it at first, but later felt the powerful smell creep up on her out of nowhere.

While deep fried skate is considered a delicacy in Korea, it appears not everyone can handle it’s distinct and overwhelming smell!

Watch the segment here!