TWICE’s Chaeyoung Shows Off Her Beautiful Eye Makeup And Shares How Styling Is A Source Of Confidence On Stage

Chaeyoung is the definition of eyecatching.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has always been known for her iconic eye makeup, and with her new vlog update, ONCEs are ready to add more to the list.

TWICE has been releasing vlogs centering around each member with “TW-LOG @ 4th WORLD TOUR ‘Ⅲ’,” and Chaeyoung was the sixth member to release hers. Throughout the video she filmed her life behind the scenes on tour, showing off her natural beauty while barefaced. She also showed off different looks she wore on the US leg of the tour and expressed her love for makeup.

| TWICE/YouTube

More than just being fun to play around with and looking pretty, Chaeyoung shared with ONCEs of how makeup and styling was a source of confidence on stage, placing its importance on an equal level with performance.

Of course, Chaeyoung and the rest of TWICE are always gorgeous, but on stage, the right makeup and styling can take the girls’ beauty to ethereal heights. It’s also important for the makeup to be strong enough to be seen from afar at concerts while not being overbearing, so it’s easy for fans to understand why styling is especially important for concerts.

Throughout the video, Chaeyoung wore several different makeup looks, from simple and sparkly to bold yellow, and ONCEs can’t get enough of her beautiful eyes.

Chaeyoung also revealed that she didn’t normally wear lenses, and we call all agree with Jeongyeon that Chaeyoung’s natural eyes are really pretty already.

You can watch the full vlog here below: