TWICE’s Dahyun Was Shook By Tzuyu’s Romantic Side

Tzuyu’s charm is just too strong to resist.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Dahyun surprised fans with an unscheduled live broadcast.


What really surprised fans was how it ended, which had everyone, including Dahyun, clutching their hearts.

When the broadcast was coming to an end, they both said goodbye to ONCEs. Dahyun noticed many of the comments told them not to go and shared them with Tzuyu.

Upon learning this, Tzuyu came up with a simple solution to soothe fans’ worries:

In that case, let’s meet in our dreams.

The sweet sentiment was so unexpected that Dahyun brought a hand to her mouth as she asked where Tzuyu had learned such a romantic phrase.

Tzuyu’s romantic words were too much for even Dahyun to handle. ONCEs, prepare your hearts to be attacked by Tzuyu.