TWICE Dahyun was super bored, so this is what she did

TWICE’s Dahyun displayed her fun, cheerful side when a footage was captured of her playing games with a camera.

During the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships, Dahyun saw that the cameras were focused on her and her fellow members; so she tried to have a little fun by putting her hands in the air to attract its attention. Surprisingly, the camera caught on to Dahyun’s intentions and started to follow her actions, playing along with her silly antics. Jihyo and Mina quickly took interest in what Dahyun was doing and proceeded to follow suit.

This isn’t the first time Dahyun had fun with playing with the camera. In fact, she’s known for her incredible skill of being able to spot a camera no matter how far or well hidden it is, and making cute poses rather than being camera-shy.

Take a look at the footage of Dahyun’s adorable camera interactions below: