TWICE Dancing In Super Comfy Outfits Leave ONCEs Feeling Totally Satisfied

“They look great in casual clothing.”

At their recent fan meeting event, TWICE performed a very casual version of “Feel Special” dressed in their everyday outfits.


ONCEs couldn’t help but notice how comfortable the members looked, in comparison to when they are in their stage outfits.


And while ONCEs sure do appreciate the glitz and glam of TWICE’s fancy stage outfits…


… they also love seeing the members this natural and carefree too, without the K-Pop-style mega-short skirts and heels!

They look like they’re very comfortable in their look today. It actually looks refreshing ❤️



From Tzuyu‘s flowy jumpsuit paired with some sporty sneakers…


… to Jeongyeon’s rock-chic leather jacket over a simple black dress combo…


… TWICE members thoroughly satisfied the fans with their easy and stylish fashion!

Long skirts and pants suit them well and they look really comfortable with it. ❤️



ONCEs realized that TWICE look just as dashing in about anything and everything…


… and look forward to seeing more performances done in cute-and-comfy outfits!

Outfits don’t have to be revealing to be attractive. I’d love to see them in these kinds of long pants and long skirts on stage too. This is great, they look amazing!



Watch the lounge-y TWICE rock their casual OOTDs here: