TWICE Go Into Detail About Their Dream Holiday Destinations—And What They Want To Avoid

Which member can you relate to the most?

TWICE is busy with promotions for “Alcohol-Free,” but when everything is said and done, where would they like to go on holiday?

In a recent radio show appearance, a fan asked the girls this very question.

It’s my dream to lie down by the beach while drinking a refreshing mojito. When I listen to ‘Alcohol-Free,’ that’s exactly how I feel. What kind of holiday dream does TWICE have?


The first to answer was Mina, and she revealed that she would love to live in Hawaii for several months, much less visit on holiday.

I really like Hawaii, but I’ve only been there for holiday. I would like to be there for one or two months. The feeling of living there…

— Mina

Dahyun, on the other hand, had a less specific destination. She simply wants to ride a car as she drives along the coast.

For me, since summer is hot, I want to sit inside a cool car and drive along a coastal road.

— Dahyun

In contrast to Dahyun, Jihyo‘s answer was lengthy and detailed. She explained that there are two ways to travel: planned and unplanned.

As you know, there are two types of ways to travel, one where you plan out everything before traveling, or another, just doing whatever you want to do.

— Jihyo

In the past, she only went on planned vacations, which is why she wants to avoid that now. She hopes to one day go on a trip to Hawaii without making any plans beforehand.

But I’ve been used to going on planned trips since I was a kid, so for once, I want to go to Hawaii without any plans. I can try to learn yoga on a surfing board or I can try to get zoned out while looking at the sea and go, ‘I want to go there.’ This kind of traveling.

— Jihyo

Last but not the least, Jeongyeon shared her recent interest in camping. In particular, she finds solace in staring at the campfire as she sits down.

For me, I’ve been into camping recently, so I’ve been purchasing lots of camping equipment, and I found out that spacing out while staring at the campfire is really good.

— Jeongyeon

Here’s to hoping the girls can one day go on their dream vacations!

TWICE’s Jihyo | JYP Entertainment

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