TWICE and G-Friend Spotted Joining Forces To Promote Oh My Girls

Oh My Girl‘s relay victory was a grand collaboration featuring some adorable girl group friendships.

At this years ISAC awards Oh My Girl took gold in the women’s 400-meter relay race with HyoJung, Jiho, Yooa and Binnie as their representatives.

Oh My Girl received a lot of support from other idols including Jungook, GFRIEND and of course, TWICE.

Upon winning the race and in accordance with ISAC tradition, an Oh My Girl song was played to celebrate. When “Windy Day” came on Twice quickly joined up with Oh My Girl showing their undying support for their friends.

It’s no surprise that Twice could perform the song alongside Oh My Girl as they have already done a performance of the song and know it by heart.

Gfriend also jammed out to the refreshing victory song showing their own cute cover.