TWICE’s Huge Success Was Once Predicted Before They Even Debuted

Was it a crystal ball or just really great advice?

By now everyone knows how much of a  powerhouse TWICE is. The girls have wowed audiences with their powerful vocals, fantastic dance moves, and outstanding visuals. Their MVs all have millions of views and they’ve consistently made the top 3 in brand reputation rankings.


So it’s pretty safe to say that TWICE have made it and are constantly on the rise! But what might be surprising is that before the group even debuted one dinner with Park Jin Young perfectly predicted their success!


Right after the filming of Sixteen, the members met up with the JYP Entertainment founder for a bite to eat and a whole lot of advice.


While Park Jin Young had a lot to say about the qualities of a leader and what he hoped for the girls’ futures, it was how each of them was impacted by his words that will make your jaw drop.


And if their reactions weren’t already enough to convince someone they would be successful, their individual goals definitely should have been. For Momo, she hoped that she would be working even harder 5 years down the road.


Which she definitely is!


Jihyo hoped that the group would be doing really well and be doing many concerts.


We can’t help but point out that Jihyo’s hopes for the group have already come true.


Jeongyeon hoped they would have a packed schedule.


And with all their comebacks and concerts we’re pretty sure that’s very true.


Sana hoped to improve her Korean and be someone who is irreplaceable.


Every fan knows that she is truly irreplaceable!


Tzuyu wanted to be complimented for her improved singing and dancing as well as for her beauty.


It’s hard to believe she thought someone wouldn’t compliment her skills or beauty!


Nayeon, Chaeyoung, and Dahyun were hoping for a busy life while still staying true to themselves.


Check, check, and double check!


Finally, Mina hoped that she would be brighter and funnier in the future.


Which we can’t help but point out is true already too!


While it wasn’t really a prediction of sorts, every single thing that Park Jin Young and the members wished for in the future has shaped and influenced them into their hugely successful selves of today!