TWICE Jungyeon grabs Mina by the hand, to make sure she doesn’t get lost

TWICE‘s attendance at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards proves that they are just as caring of each other as they are affectionate.

At the awards ceremony, the lovely ladies took to the red carpet in all-white outfits. Cameras captured an amusing yet tender moment between Jungyeon and Mina. As the group walked off stage, Jungyeon made sure Mina was not left behind. The interaction, while brief, shows Jungyeon’s kind heart and love for her fellow members.

After arriving at their destination, the girls immediately made their way to the stand. Huddled together, they smiled and waved for the cameras.

Jihyo led the group off stage after a brief photography session. A few members, including Mina, stayed behind and continued to bow in gratitude.

Not noticing their departure, Mina turned right to discover the group already walking off. After a cute jump of surprise, she quickly received Jungyeon‘s outstretched arm. The two made their way hand in hand as they caught up with the rest of their group members.

The entire interaction can be seen in the video below.

Source: Instiz