Netizens Hilariously Remember The Time JYP “Stole The Spotlight” From TWICE While Performing

Well, THAT was unexpected. 😂

Sometimes, an unlikely face can capture fans’ attention the most!

While on an episode of Knowing Bros., JYP danced with TWICE‘s Nayeon and Dahyun to the 2008 hit song “Tell Me” from Wonder Girls.

Originally, the performance might be seen as a hilarious moment…

…but quickly, netizens were hypnotized by JYP’s stunning dance line!

On a recent trending post on a forum bringing back the iconic scene, netizens were amused by his unexpectedly pretty performance.

  • No, f*ck JYP is so good
  • Even if you win in the face department, you can’t beat JYP’s dancing
  • I only see JYP LMAO

In the end, all of three of them killed it!

It’s clear who the true idols are when watching Dahyun and Nayeon…

…but there’s something uniquely special about the trio!

Watch the full performance below.

Source: TheQoo