TWICE Mina’s Post To Her Group’s Instagram Account Is Their Most Liked Of All Time

ONCEs love their angel Mina!

TWICE‘s Mina has largely been on hiatus since the summertime as she focused on taking care of her health, however, she’s been delighting fans by participating in comebacks when she feels able and most recently, surprised them with an appearance during a concert in Hokkaido, Japan!

Prior to her filling in for her friend and groupmate Chaeyoung, who missed the group’s Hokkaido concert due to feeling unwell, Mina unexpectedly performed at TWICE’s Halloween fan meet! She later posted a photo of herself in angel wings to TWICE’s official Instagram account which was immediately showered with love and support from fans, including comments that read, “I love you” and “Like a real angel”.

Fans love Mina so much and wanted so badly to show their support for her that her Instagram update is officially their most-liked photo of all time!

At the time of writing, Mina’s post exceeds 1.5 million likes.