TWICE’s Momo Spills On How She Really Feels After Performing A Concert

We would’ve never guessed she felt that way.

TWICE‘s Momo revealed how she really feels after a concert in her TW-LOG from the group’s US tour.

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although Momo’s vlog was filled with hilarious moments, she did get super real about how jarring the contrast between performing for thousands and coming back to an empty hotel room can be.

| TWICE/YouTube

When she returned to her hotel room after performing in New York, Momo said, “Whenever I finish a concert, I feel weird afterward.”

She continued, “Going from so many people to being alone. It’s strange.”

Then, she said, “I feel kinda empty inside. I always feel like that when I’m back at the hotel after a concert.” 

Although Momo admitted she felt empty after coming back to the hotel after performing, she was able to find at least a little comfort through eating.

We can totally see how it can be weird to move from performing with 8 other members in front of thousands of fans to an empty hotel room.

Check out Momo’s full TW-LOG below.