TWICE’s Momo Teases Sana By Jokingly Taking Over Her Interview

Momo wanted to spice it up a little.

TWICE‘s Sana was minding her own business, finishing up her interview during their “Feel Special” filming as usual. That’s when Momo decided she would make it a bit more interesting.

Momo tapped into the persona of a diva and walked right into Sana’s shot as she jokingly said, “Get out of my way.” To make it more convincing, she pretended to slap Sana to move her out of the frame.

With a smile and laugh, Sana pretended to hold her shoulder as if she had been hurt. After their playful moment, she quickly became serious again and concluded the interview with a wave, “Bye. Bye.”

Sana and Momo never miss a chance to play around with each other, like the time Momo fiddled with Sana’s headband.