TWICE’s Nayeon “Stresses Out” GOT7’s Youngjae During “Best Friend” Radio Program Show Program

These two had a good time on the show!

As part of promotions for her first solo album, IM NAYEON, TWICE‘s Nayeon recently appeared on GOT7 Youngjae‘s Best Friend radio program.

This occasion, while exciting for fans, turned out to be a little “stressful” for Youngjae!

First, Nayeon and Youngjae discuss whether or not she would like to be a radio show DJ and what time she would like to do her hypothetical radio program.  Nayeon says that night time would be best, specifically, at 8 PM.

Nayeon’s hypothetical radio time would put her directly in conflict with the Best Friend radio show, something Youngjae quickly realizes. He then says that she can’t do that time and jokingly says “You can’t want a lot of things, I’ll be in danger.

| MBC Radio/YouTube

Next, Nayeon spends time showing Youngjae the focus move of her title track “POP!” Youngjae does his best but obviously struggles a bit with the complicated hand movements.

Part of Nayeon’s “POP!” dance challenge, the move has also confused a few other idols including ITZY‘s Lia and StayC‘s Sumin!

As part of the ending of the radio program, Youngjae usually performs a part of the guest’s song with them and often gets shy after making mistakes. This time was no different, with Youngjae being so embarrassed he sinks to the floor.

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Fans have been loving these GOTWICE moments that the radio show gave them. It’s a sign that the JYP Family never truly goes away!

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