TWICE’s Nayeon Says She Doesn’t Have Many Friends, And Tzuyu’s Response Is Heartwarming

It’s just what she needed to hear!

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Tzuyu recently enjoyed a memorable lunch date together. Apart from discussing Tzuyu’s popularity during debut and which member they can’t imagine being left alone with, they also expressed appreciation for each other.

Nayeon (left) and Tzuyu (right) 

Nayeon opened up about being at her happiest when she’s together with her members. She feels more comfortable around them than with any other people.

I feel like…I’m most like myself when I’m with you girls. I’m at my happiest, and that makes me so happy. I’m so comfortable with you.

— Nayeon

Tzuyu smiled and shared one of her favorite aspects about their friendship—that they are capable of both playful and serious conversations.

We can be really playful and have serious conversations at the same time.

— Tzuyu

Nayeon proceeded to admit that she doesn’t have many friends.

I don’t have a lot of friends.

— Nayeon

In response, Tzuyu sweetly said that her TWICE members are enough!

Nayeon agreed and sincerely repeated how much she loves them.

Right. It’s easy to forget that, you know? I think we all feel that way. I love the nine of us.

— Nayeon

No one can deny how strong their bond is!

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Nayeon went on to thank Tzuyu for the role that she played during their debut. See her bare her heart in this article:

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