TWICE Reveals They Experienced Anxiety As Idols, Discusses The Effect Of Idol Pressure On Mina

They revealed all the members felt the same anxiety as Mina.

TIME recently had a phone interview with TWICE‘s Jihyo, Nayeon, and Dahyun. The main point of the interview was to discuss their newest title track “Feel Special.”

The magazine pointed out that TWICE has consistently released optimistic and cheerful songs in the past. “Feel Special”, however, has a comparatively more tone and somber lyrics such as the opening lines “[there are] days when I suddenly feel all alone, when I feel like I don’t belong anywhere.”

TWICE opened up about how Park Jinyoung wrote the song after having dinner with the group. The members shared their insecurities and pressures about being famous, such as the high expectations people have of them.

Since we were getting a lot of love from fans, that means we have to try to meet their expectations. This was mentally giving the members a very hard time.

– Nayeon 

To punctuate their point, Jihyo brought up Mina who is currently sitting out of promotions due to anxiety disorder.

The most detailed example of meeting this expectation is shown as one member is resting now because she is also struggling.

– Jihyo

The members explained that they felt emptiness when the group performed without Mina, but they gained strength from their fans when they lighted her color in their Candy Bongs.

Moreover, they revealed that they also feel anxious and pressured just as Mina did.

We were also feeling similar anxieties as Mina did, all members were feeling that.

– Nayeon

JYP Entertainment, however, showed support to the members by being candid about the reason behind Mina’s absence, spreading awareness about the reality of hardships behind being an idol.

As I saw the positive response, I thought that TWICE doesn’t have to be in a rush when it comes to activities.

– Nayeon

They ended the interview by restating their priorities in the business.

Physical health and mental health are the most important things that members should take care of

– Dahyun

Source: Time