TWICE’s Sana Blessed The M Countdown Stage With Her Strongest Visual Game Yet

She’s making sure it’s no Sana, no life for ONCEs.

TWICE, despite the mild “criticism” for their outfits, totally dominated their latest stage of “Feel Special” at M Countdown and made ONCEs feel more special than ever for being able to see them perform!


And while each and every member shined in the spotlight, ONCEs can’t get enough of Sana‘s visual.


With her pink hair — which went extremely viral when the new bop’s trailers dropped inititally — Sana looked ethereal!


The camera zoomed in on her several times throughout the performance, also mesmerized by Sana’s A+ visual game.


She glistened, especially with her fairytale sparkly make-up and fancy outfit!


ONCEs believe “Feel Special” is definitely Sana’s era — although, in reality, every TWICE era has been Sana’s era. Her visual, and the talent that comes with the visual, continue to charm more viewers!


Watch the full performance here:

Source: THEQOO