TWICE Sana Loves Sending Kisses To The Camera And The Camera Loves Her Back

TWICE‘s Sana has become the master of surprise-kissing her fellow members, but it turns out she’s also amazing at blowing kisses towards a camera.

A recent post on an online community portal shared a collection of gifs of TWICE’s Sana blowing kisses towards the camera, whether it be on stage or on their livestreams, and her adorable aegyo is enough to melt everyone watching on the other side.

Sana is well-known for her habit of showing love to the other members, especially by unexpectedly kissing them, or even slapping and grabbing other members’ butts, like she did to Jungyeon at a recent fan signing event.

These gifs of Sana prove that she is indeed the best at blowing kisses towards the camera, in addition to kissing other TWICE members.

Be prepared to gush over them below!

Source: Dispatch