Sana Made an Announcer’s Face Tomato Red with Just One Sentence

Sana strikes again!

On a recent episode of MBC’s Section TV, Announcer Kim Jung Hyun had the pleasure of meeting TWICE.

On this episode, TWICE played a game where they had to spin the wheel, complete the mission, and complete the BINGO board.

One of the missions was to speed up Announcer Kim Jung Hyun’s heart rate by acting cute.

Momo went first by asking him out to eat, but his heart rate didn’t budge.

When Nayeon attempted physical contact and Jihyo tried acting cute, his heart rate actually dropped, which caused a roar of laughter.

That’s when Sana stepped in.

Sana approached Announcer Kim Jung Hyun and asked, “How about we go for coffee after this?” with a lovable gaze.

In response, Announcer Kim Jung Hyun’s face turned tomato red and his heart rate rose to 135.

Watch the hilarious and shocking video in the link below:

Source: Insight