YouTube Might Have Accidentally Leaked News About An Upcoming 2nd TWICE Japanese Compilation Album

Are you excited ONCEs?

An sharp-eyed ONCE noted some interesting information that they had to share!

Based on the screenshots Twitter user @misayeon tweeted, it matches the updated “more information” section on the official “Likey” music video on YouTube.

Although the music video is still in Korean, the updated information at the bottom of the video notes the song as “Likey” (Japanese Version) off of an album named #TWICE2.

As many ONCEs know, there is no #TWICE2 album that has been released…yet.

This small leak instead gives a big hint that a 2nd TWICE Japanese compilation album is in the works. ONCEs noted that the album listed in the YouTube notes shares the name of their first Japanese compilation album (#TWICE).

Since TWICE does have a scheduled Japanese Dome Tour in March and April 2019, it makes sense for the group to have some sort of release to build hype for their series of concerts.

While TWICE’s later YouTube music videos do not yet have this same updated information, we can easily assume that this compilation will likely include Japanese versions of “Likey,” “Heart Shaker,” “What is Love?” “Dance the Night Away,” and “Yes or Yes.”

Are you ready to hear your favorite songs in Japanese, ONCEs?

Source: misayeon and TWICE Japan Official