TWICE Tzuyu’s Joy After Throwing Away Her Flower Crown Has Everyone Relating

Sometimes headbands just get in the way of the fun.

During one of TWICE‘s filming sessions for “Feel Special”, Tzuyu had everyone relating to her. After she’d finished filming her scenes with the flower crown, there was one thing she couldn’t wait to do.


She moved her head forward, making it fall off her head and into her hands.

Without the massive crown to hinder her movement, Tzuyu was able to get right into the choreography. The smile on her face shows just how relieved she was to be without it.

A happy Tzuyu is the best Tzuyu. #ProtectTzuyuFromFlowerCrowns2019.


Who hasn’t had a moment where a headband wasn’t worth the stress of wearing it? See the moment where Tzuyu had to get rid of it to bust out her dance moves.