TWICE Tzuyu Sees Half-Naked Man And Turns Bright Red

She couldn’t stop blushing.

During an episode of Mnet’s TWICE’s Private life, TWICE‘s Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Jihyo got together to come up with an ideal boyfriend fashion look.


When Jihyo was skimming through the magazine, she found a good looking topless male model and decided to tease Tzuyu by saying that she’d probably rather keep him undressed!


As soon as she had seen the half-naked male model, Tzuyu’s cheeks had started going red and with all of Jihyo’s teasing, she simply couldn’t control her blush!


Tzuyu is the maknae of TWICE and is often regarded as an introvert and a little bit shy, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see that blush! And when it comes to pursuing love, Tzuyu revealed later in the episode that she would look for an outgoing and energetic boyfriend. She also added she would want him to pursue her first since she admitted she’s not one to strike up a conversation.

“Because I don’t tend to initiate the conversation, I would like the guy to initiate the communication first, otherwise, it would be uncomfortable.”

— Tzuyu, TWICE


Although Tzuyu may be shy, when she finds that special someone she will shower him with her affectionate aegyo!

Source: Instiz