TWICE’s Tzuyu Spent Mid-Autumn Holiday In Taiwan And Was Greeted By Enthusiastic Fans

Local fans were delighted to see her.

Tzuyu, the Taiwanese member of TWICE, returned to her hometown of Tainan City for the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. While there, she visited the café run by her mother in the East District of Tainan City.

Delighted fans waited at the café because Tzuyu is known to go home and spend time at her mother’s business during holidays. There was an even bigger surprise in store for them when Elkie, a Chinese member from the group CLC, joined Tzuyu during a visit to the café!

On the same day she visited her mother’s café, Tzuyu also went to a night market with two friends. She was pictured playing shooting games, which were later shared on social networking sites. Fans of Tzuyu were heard saying “Don’t disturb the way Taiwanese people spend their holidays” and “Let’s enjoy their occasional vacation.”

Source: Oricon