Tzuyu Stans Are Calling Her “Thighwanese” Because Of Her Thicc Thighs

Stan thicc queens.

Tzuyu has some of the thiccest thighs in TWICE, and fans are praising her healthy shape by calling her “Thighwanese”.


While Tzuyu has been criticized by netizens in the past for her supposed weight gain since SIXTEEN, international fans have been celebrating her thiccness.


  • “Her stans refer to her as “Thighwanese” sometimes because of her big thighs.”
  • “Tzuyu isn’t Thaiwanese, she’s “thighwanese”. Those thighs, god.”
  • “Thicc thighs save lives… or take them.”
  • “Tzuyu’s thighs have always been thick. Idk why people are just noticing it now.”


While the use of “Thighwanese” to describe Tzuyu isn’t new, fans began discussing her thicc thighs again when TWICE performed “What Is Love?” recently.

  • “OMG I love that nickname already. Tbh to me she doesn’t have really big thighs at all but if fans like her legs than this is really clever lol.”
  • “Twice girls probably have the healthiest, natural-looking bodies I’ve seen.”
  • “So sexy.”
  • “Tzuyu is perfect, 10/10.”


Fans have been commenting on her womanly transformation since debut and can’t get enough of her goddess-like proportions.

  • “When she was in Sixteen, before her major puberty spurt, she really wasn’t that curvy. Now it’s like she’s an honest to god full-figured Asian girl. Partially because she’s tall, but I just think she works out a ton. She’s so beautiful.”
  • “Those thighs have grown so beautifully since debut.”


And just overall showing their love for her.


  • “Being thicc as in shapely is supposed to be good. Thicc is NOT simply thick or plump as often misused. Tzubae is 11/10 ANYWHERE!!”
  • “Wow, great legs.”
  • “She has pretty everything.”
  • “Jesus christ, Tzuyu… I thought I was supposed to see angels AFTER you kill me…”


They also celebrated her thicc thighs during ISAC 2018, when her muscles were clearly visible as she sat with her members.


  • “Thighwanese Tzuyu ISAC!”
  • “More like thiccanese.”


Those really are some beautiful Taiwanese legs!

. . .